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"we invented this game. we perfected it. we have the most fans, the most players, the most heart of any nation. we've spent our whole entire lives on ice, so it doesn't matter if we're playing in someone else's rink, or in someone else's province, or even in someone else's country. as long as there's ice to skate on, we're at home."

You don’t want the bumpers, life doesn’t give you bumpers.

so far I’ve saved up (checks bank account) ………… never mind I haven’t saved up anything

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews accepts the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS awareness. (x)

8/24/14: Jonathan Toews challenges and assists Clearwater Bay Elvis with ALS ice bucket challenge [X]
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NHL x Jaden Smith Tweets 

Henrik & Daniel proving that they have some creepy twin telepathy shit going on (x)



New Zealand.


tyler seguin at day one of biosteel camp (◕‿◕)