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"we invented this game. we perfected it. we have the most fans, the most players, the most heart of any nation. we've spent our whole entire lives on ice, so it doesn't matter if we're playing in someone else's rink, or in someone else's province, or even in someone else's country. as long as there's ice to skate on, we're at home."

one player per team → jonathan toews, chicago blackhawks

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33 Cupcake Recipes

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alright y’all I hit 2k so it’s time for my give away!!!

this give away includes:

Zuccarello shirsey (adult small)

St Louis shirsey (adult small)

McDonagh shirsey (adult small)

Nash SCF shirsey (adult small)

and a photo I personally got Taylor Pyatt to sign!!!


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Skillet Bacon Mac & Cheese

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the C.A.B.O countdown of the 25 hottest NHL players
↳ #16/25 - Mason Raymond // Calgary Flames

one player per team → matt duchene, colorado avalanche


Get My Photoshop Senses Tingling → Faceless 
7/19/14: Andrew Shaw gropes by proxy