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"we invented this game. we perfected it. we have the most fans, the most players, the most heart of any nation. we've spent our whole entire lives on ice, so it doesn't matter if we're playing in someone else's rink, or in someone else's province, or even in someone else's country. as long as there's ice to skate on, we're at home."

Carolina Hurricanes prospect Josh Wesley is very… enthusiastic? at a Canes game.

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Last night worked up quite the thirst! Thanks for the beer  (X)

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my conch shell brings all the boys to the yard

and they’re like “Kill the beast! Slit his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!

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Jordan Parrish? D e p u t y  P a r r i s h.


well? can he????

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Jordan Parrish looking hella fine in 4.06


Western bacon burgers with easy BBQ mayo (by Creme de la Crumb)

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I cannot wait until Hockey season

wow please repost my things more. i really don’t mind at all